The Basilicata Landscape Never Fails to Impress

1Rivello, as seen from the road driving back to Matera from Maratea

Well I sure haven’t posted in awhile. I hope these pretty pictures from this summer in Basilicata will make up for it 🙂 Basilicata, in southern Italy, is a very beautiful region. The flat countryside alternates with hills and mountains, and the ancient towns built on hilltops make for a striking landscape. If you look out from one of those towns, you can see the surrounding towns dotting the landscape in the distance at the tops of their own hills. Basilicata also has two coasts, on the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas in the Mediterranean. Warm water… gorgeous scenery… it’s quite a place.

2Maratea, on the Tyrrhenian (western) coast of Basilicata


Spiaggia Nera (Black Beach), one of the beaches of Maratea

4Sant’Ilario, a tiny hilltop town surrounded by characteristic countryside

5Classic Basilicata countryside, which is yellow and brown in the hot summer

5aLago di Monticchio (Monticchio Lake)

6A view of San Fele, one of the many many many small and ancient towns perched at the top of mountains/hills.

6aA view from near Carlo Levi’s house in Aliano.

6bDusk on one of the beaches in Maratea


The sea at Maratea, as seen from the road


Night falls on Aliano.

11Maratea twilight

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4 Responses to The Basilicata Landscape Never Fails to Impress

  1. Rosemarie says:

    These beautiful pictures more than make up for your absence!! Hope you’re keeping well. 🙂

  2. Sonia says:

    Your pictures always make me want to travel. We need to win the lottery.